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La Alazana becomes the first South American distillery to join Cask World!

13th Jun 2022

La Alazana becomes the first South American distillery to join Cask World!

We're thrilled to announce the first Patagonian distillery to join our distinguished list of Official Distillery Partners! As of Monday June 13th, La Alazana are live on the platform.

A small number of their casks of 100% Patagonian new-make spirit casks are available for purchase - and with this in mind you can find a quick introduction to this fantastic family-run distillery below to tantalise your tastebuds!

A brief introduction to La Alazana

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The first farm to bottle single malt distillery in Argentina, La Alazana is run by the pioneering Serenelli family. Growing a range of barley varieties at the family-owned farm which they malt on site, they even occasionally craft casks using staves of local rare French Oak at their in-house cooperage. Double distillation of these barley varieties with spring water of unmatched purity from the Andes Mountains takes place in their locally designed and built copper pot stills, rendering a fine and elegant spirit, while the local microclimate of their valley location allows for a long and smooth maturation, all of which gives their whisky a unique Patagonian character. 

FOUNDERS: Nestor & Lila Serenelli 
MATURATION: 8-10 years
BOTTLE PRICES: Coming soon
CASK TYPES: Virgin American Oak, Patagonian Oak Barrels, Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Sherry, Ex-Cognac & Ex-Wine casks
FACILITIES: Special copper pot stills designed by the distillery and built locally, their own varieties of Barley, cooperage including growing their own wood to create their own casks, a cask warehouse (finished in 2020), bottling and even a smoke house and their own malting plant!

The full page for La Alazana can be found on our website via the 'Our Distillery Partners' page from Monday. We are delighted to share their exquisite whiskies with you!

Want to register your interest in these limited availability La Alazana casks?  Drop us a line here or get in touch on +44 (0)203 813 4480.