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Now available - premium Indian Single Malt Whisky!

17th Apr 2023

Now available - premium Indian Single Malt Whisky!

Dedicated to customer experience and commited to reducing their impact on the environment, we are proud to be help Rampur Distillery, India share (in their words) the true 'Indian-ness' of their spirits with our customers as of today...

A brief introduction to Rampur Distillery, India

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas lies one of (soon-to-be) three Rampur Distilleries. Using 75 years of distillation expertise, these pioneers of Indian Spirits work with climate extremes from +43 to 0 degrees, using these polar opposite conditions to add extra depth & dimension during its purposefully slow distillation process. North Indian 6-row barley & yeast are combined in traditional copper pot stills with groundwater provided by the Himalayas, allowing the spirit to imbibe a unique fruity character while preserving the individual flavours of the distillate, which smells like lychees. The average humidity of around 70% is used to their advantage to develop the distinctive smooth mellow taste & long-lasting finish their Single Malt is known for.

Images from Rampur Distillery India
FOUNDER: Govan Brothers
DISTILLERY NAME: Rampur Distillery
MATURATION:  4+ years 
CASK TYPES: American Oak Ex-Bourbon casks, ex-European Sherry casks PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain, and ex-Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks 
FACILITIES: Traditional copper pot stills, two distilleries (one is the oldest in India) plus a third facility on the way. Storage facilities at the foot of the Himalayas with cavity-filled walls

Want to know more? Full details about Rampur Distillery are available here >

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