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Welcoming our newest Official Partner Distillery - Killara!

04th Apr 2022

Welcoming our newest Official Partner Distillery - Killara!

The Tasmanian whisky industry is growing rapidly, and hot on the heels of their 'Whisky Distiller/Producer of the Year' win at the Australian Whisky Awards 2022, we're thrilled to announce Killara have joined our growing list of Official Partner Distilleries today. 

We're pleased to give them a brief introduction below - and limited casks of their impressive and highly desirable whisky are available via Cask World as of now. 

A brief introduction to Killara Distillery, Tasmania

Producing premium quality, highly sought after hand crafted single malt, Killara founder Kristy Lark-Booth has just added 'Whisky Distiller/Producer of the Year' to the trophy cabinet following the Australian Whisky Awards 2022. A significant win as the business was founded merely 6 years ago, and proving they're one to watch in the rapidly growing Tasmanian whisky-making industry. Following family tradition these impressive spirits are created from locally sourced ingredients using Kristy's experience from her time at Lark Distillery, and recognition of their quality has already begun, with a pre-launch release already featuring in 'That Boutique-y Whisky Company's' Australian Series 2021. Find out more at caskworld.com/distilleries

FOUNDER: Kristy Lark-Booth
MATURATION: 3-4 years
BOTTLE PRICES: AU$220-330/£117-175

CASK TYPES: Tawny/Port, Sherry/Apera, bourbon, Australian red and white wine  (plus small amounts of rum casks and other interesting things!) in a range of sizes from 100lt - 200lt

FACILITIES: Australian made 600 litre copper pot still, & a new 1,400 litre still made by Peter Bailly at Knapp Lewer. Newly built distillery (opened 2020), locally sourced ingredients and services (cooperage), maturation & bottling on site.

Find the full Killara page here >

Want to register your interest in Killara Casks?  Drop us a line here or get in touch on +44 (0)203 813 4480.