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What happens when I purchase a cask?

19th Mar 2022

What happens when I purchase a cask?

Purchasing casks isn't quite the same as buying bottles - and with our new world distillery partners dotted around the globe we're often asked what happens next and what you receive as a member. The answer is lots!

First off, you'll receive confirmation of your purchase - with Cask World this happens in a number of ways:

  1. As you purchase your casks directly from our distillery partners and own them outright, you'll receive an invoice directly from them, in your name.
  2. Our distillery partners also provide you with a certificate of ownership which includes your unique cask identification number, and records you as the owner on their databases.
  3. Once your cask is filled (the timings for this depend on the distillation schedule of the distillery concerned, which we'll keep you up to date on) you'll receive a photo of your cask from the relevant distillery with your choice of name also displayed on it
  4. Oh, and if you're heading over to whatever country your whisky is produced in, we're more than happy to help arrange for you to visit your cask in person!

(Certain exceptions may apply to 1 & 2 above, with some UK-based partner distilleries requiring storage under our company WOWGR certificate - this is fully explained to clients prior to purchase)

However, that's not all that happens...with Cask World once you own a cask we're here to help you while your spirit rests. You're automatically enrolled as a member, bringing a host of other benefits as well as access to all the information you could possibly need while maturation takes place. 

Cask Owners also benefit from the following:

  • We set you up with your detailed Members Account, giving you access to our exclusive members only area and offers
  • In your account all the related documents, cask pictures and more are held, ensuring you can stay fully up to date on your cask portfolio as it grows and matures
  • Through the portal you can view all your cask data such as the current ABV and cask type, historic records over time and request things like samples or re-gauges
  • In addition, you'll find the members benefits page with a host of advance news, competitions special offers and more to help you make the most of the time while your spirit is resting

Members also get early access to casks and bottles from new distilleries - a great perk especially for those smaller, in demand artisan makers whose offerings are often very limited!

Cask Investor member area images

Finally - when it comes to the point of exit - we're on hand to support you whatever your chosen option, to ensure you make the most of your investment.  

Want to find out more? Call us on +44 (0)203 813 4480 or email info@caskworld.com