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Our team - passionate, professional, and always thirsty for the latest in new world whisky knowledge

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Daniel Monk

Founder & Consultant

An accomplished entrepreneur experienced in setting up multiple companies, Daniel has long been passionate about whisky and fascinated with the people who make it.

He is the founder of the world’s largest bottle of whisky "The Intrepid" – earning Rosewin Holdings a Guinness World Record.

During his time in the whisky industry, he has spent years forming relationships with owners and distillers worldwide.

Having founded Rosewin Holdings he was pleased to add Cask World and became the pioneer of new world whisky cask acquisition with an exciting independent bottling brand on the horizon.

Pichaya Sangkachot

Director and Brand Ambassador

With a newfound passion for the intricate world of whisky, Pichaya brings a fresh perspective that goes beyond the ordinary. Pichaya's journey from viewing whisky as a drink to embracing its rich and hidden stories has ignited a profound appreciation for the artistry behind each cask and bottle. With Pichaya leading the way, Cask World is set to explore new horizons in the whisky realm, driven by a deep understanding of the essence that makes whisky truly exceptional.

Becky James FCCA

Accounting & Audit

Becky began working alongside Rosewin in early 2019 and now also assists Cask World from a financial accounting and audit perspective. Becky has worked in practice for nearly 20 years, having graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Maths and qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2010. Becky specialises in accounts and audit for a wide variety of businesses and organisations, including museums and large charity groups.

Sarah Crawley

Branding & Marketing Consultant

An experienced creative freelancer with a background in design, marketing, and copywriting, Sarah initially began working with Rosewin Holdings in early 2020, assisting with ad hoc design requirements. This included the branding, box, and bottle design for the world's biggest bottle of whisky, known as "The Intrepid," earning Rosewin Holdings a Guinness World Record.

Following a rapid induction into the fascinating world of whisky, Sarah has been busy developing the branding and website while also leading our independent bottling brand development in preparation for Cask World Reserves' upcoming projects.

Aom Potang

Personal Assistant to MD and Member Coordinator

Having a background in hospitality, client liaison, and business degree.  Aom understands the importance of delivering exceptional service. Aom ensures seamless interactions with our valued members. Aom's enthusiasm for exploring the world of whisky is infectious, and she actively seeks out new experiences and enjoys learning about our partners. Aom's passion for whisky and commitment to providing the best experience for our members. With a positive and proactive approach, Aom strives to assist in every aspect of our operations, contributing to the overall success of Cask World.

Punyanuch Maharakshita (Mint)

Online Marketing Manager

Mint is a creative content creator who shares your love for exploration and can produce quick, real-time content. With a background in advertising agencies and online marketing, she has a knack for crafting captivating content and ads in text, visual, and video that push the boundaries of storytelling and assist the brand in achieving its goals. Beyond work, she is an outdoor explorer who is always eager to tackle new trails and brings a spirit of adventure to everything she does. Currently, she's on a quest to discover the world of new whisky.

Tippany Cummins (Tip)

Social Media Manager

Tip is pursuing her degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. 

She believes in the power of storytelling and strives to create authentic connections between brands and their communities. By harnessing the potential of social media, Tip ensures consistent brand messaging, enhances brand reputation, and fosters meaningful interactions.

Brian Hamel

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. Brian has a degree in business management with a sales background.

Brian enjoys sports, travel, adventure, and culture. His interest in the new world whisky boom, its future, and each country's processes are leading him on an exciting journey he is passionate about sharing with our clients.