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The Cask World Difference

Our aim is to connect investors, collectors and enthusiasts with casks of premium single malt from leading new world whisky distilleries, enabling a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Why Choose Us?

We’re highly driven, love what we do, and aren't afraid to go against the grain.


Market leading

We're the first to provide access to the premium new world whisky cask market – the future of single malt

A unique opportunity

Our exclusive relationships with our distillery partners allows us access to the finite supply of quality new world single malt whisky casks

We invest in our own product

We only sell the finest new world single malts that we’re confident enough to invest in ourselves, without adding huge mark ups

Fostering mutual growth

We work to benefit all parties, you and the distillery as well as ourselves, and have visited all our distilleries first hand forging strong, exclusive relationships

We’re new world whisky specialists

Our years of experience in alternative assets, travel and research into the worldwide whisky market are backed by Rosewin Holdings PLC

Ongoing transparent support

We don’t just assist you at purchase, but also with ownership, insurance, storage and at exit too, being open throughout the process

Personal Experience

In our industry it’s not just what you know but who you know, so we’ve visited all our distilleries personally. By doing this we’re confident in both the quality of our offering and our ability to provide the correct selection to fit your budget, holding period and personal preferences.

You can also rest assured that there are no middle men or cask brokers – we also invest in each distillery and only promote those which meet the Cask World Standard

Mutual Growth

We’re dedicated to helping ambitious pioneers and founders from our selected distilleries to take their business to the next level. By choosing international whisky we’re connecting investors and distilleries to foster a relationship based on mutual growth. Selling a proportion of their new-make spirit stock allows for further development and product to be crafted while they release expressions and grow their brand awareness further. In turn, this helps to realise potentially healthier returns for both the company and the stakeholder.

Premium Product

Whilst some of our casks of new-make and whisky may not compete with the price-point of mass-produced Scotch, our focus is on quality over quantity.

We only partner with the finest global distilleries for whom stock is generally limited, produced with only the finest ingredients and methods, and can therefore command a premium price point when sold.

Outstanding Service

As well as an enjoyable first-class ownership experience as standard, once you’ve made a purchase, we will ensure your investment is protected.

In hot countries we may begin aging casks at the distillery (long enough for the spirit to develop local character) before moving to the cooler climes of our UK HMRC Bonded Warehouse (where the angels’ share is reduced to 2-3%).

Whatever the location, you can rest assured that all your casks are securely stored a­nd fully insured.

Enhanced Exit

Finally, if you want to sell in future, we’re uniquely positioned to enhance your exit strategy with the following options:

  • direct links to an online whisky auction business
  • extensive industry connections for private sales
  • distillery buy back
  • whisky broker connections
  • options for bottling for commercial sales

Find out more about purchasing, ownership and exit here:

The Ownership Opportunity