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Casks - The Opportunity

Benefits of Ownership

Casks often produce staggering growth on initial investment over time - but there are lots of other advantages to building a portfolio...

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Advantages of Cask Ownership

Cask investment offers a variety of unique and exciting benefits:

Healthy returns

As your whisky matures to its optimum depth and character, the more valuable it becomes, frequently outpacing traditional investments


You own the contents – if economic conditions change (or just for personal preference) you can drink or sell your whisky


Casks are logged, insured, tracked and stored under strict government regulations, either at the distilleries or at our UK HMRC bonded facility


Whisky sells fast on the secondary market, and we have an extensive contact network to facilitate an easy sales process


Millions of casks each year are bottled for consumption by whisky enthusiasts worldwide and demand is increasing year on year

Limited supply

Our premium distillery partners are often boutique with limited supply – bottles often sell out prior to a new release

In addition

Once you purchase a cask with us you’ll have access to a variety of additional member benefits, find out more here

Advantages of New World Whisky Casks

As well as unique, innovative techniques and characteristics, purchasing new world whisky from up-and-coming distilleries in our extensive and often exclusive network of well-known industry names provide benefits for all involved. Run by some of the most inspiring and creative people we have had the privilege to meet, visiting their distilleries and hearing their stories has inspired us to believe in their product and business model.

We connect the client and the distillery, helping foster an atmosphere of mutual growth whilst providing an investment opportunity superior to traditional bank-based options. We only offer casks from producers that meet our Cask World Standard and whom we have had the confidence to do business with ourselves.

Though many of these distilleries are younger and currently still making their name in the industry, their expressions are already commanding promising price points. As their brand reputation, desirability and value continue to grow, so will the demand (and price) for the whisky quietly maturing in your casks. Many have already won awards and boast avid fan bases, with bottle releases quickly selling out.

The amount of spirit these distilleries are willing to release is already limited – some may only offer a few casks a year for sale, and waiting lists may apply in the most popular cases. In years to come, purchasing casks (as the distilleries become even better known) will increase in difficulty as they become less inclined to sell, and more popular on the resale market - therefore even more appealing to buyers.

Safe, Secure and Simple to Exit

Peace of Mind from Purchase to Sale

We will only offer casks to the public that we have personally invested in, so you can be assured that we’re keen to make the right choice for us all, plus our casks are fully insured and routinely monitored to keep your investment secure.

Our Members Area - allowing owners to monitor everything from the volume and alcohol content through to the way the casks are being stored under strict government bonded conditions or transferred under our WOWGR certificate - is designed to let you sit back and relax while your whisky casks mature.

From initial contact through to your chosen exit strategy, we’re always on hand to help. As well as assisting your relationship with our distillery partners, we also have a variety of connections on hand to cover all options once your spirit has matured.

From start to finish we’ll make the process as smooth as possible – to find out more about how we do this why not visit our Purchasing and Ownership section.

Purchasing & Ownership

Sophisticated Investors

As a high-net-worth investor with the depth of experience and market knowledge to be eligible for certain benefits and opportunities, we can offer you alternative levels of investment with our Cask World distillery partners via our parent company, Rosewin Holdings PLC. Click here to find out more 

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