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La Alazana

Patagonian single malt from the fields to the bottle

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Argentina's first single malt from a Farm Distillery is owned and run by the pioneering Serenelli Family producing Patagonia's first single malt whisky from the fields to the bottle.

A variety of barley is grown on site at their farm, before being malted at the distillery. It's these varieties that contribute to the distinctive character of their 100% Patagonian expressions along with their local peat source for their peated malts. They also produce expressions using the best Scottish malts.

Combining their local ingredients with spring water of unmatched purity from the Andes mountains, their double distillation technique renders a fine and elegant spirit, matured in special American and French oak casks including Ex-bourbon, sherry, cognac and wine.

The local microclimate in their valley allows for a long and smooth maturation, giving their whisky a unique Patagonian finish.

La Alazana Distillery
Interesting Facts
  • A family run and owned farm to flask Distillery even La Alazana's copper pot stills were designed and built locally

  • Co-Owner & Head Distiller Lila is proud to have graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland with the first Argentine MSc in Brewing and Distilling

  • They use a double distillation process that renders a fine and elegant spirit that is matured in special American and French oak casks

  • The climate and purity of the local water make Patagonia an exclusive region for distilling and maturing single malt. Patagonian soil used to grow organic barley will give its distinction to our whisky.

  • La Alazana's single malt whisky's base is ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky (Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace and Four Roses)

  • La Alazana are proud pioneers in growing barley varieties for whisky, and malting them on site at their distillery. These varieties contribute to the distinctive character of their 100% Patagonian expressions while their other expressions use the best Scottish malts

  • They also use a local peat source for their peated malts and even cooperage occurs on site - on occasion cutting staves from the very scarce French oak grown in the surrounding areas

  • A new warehouse has just been added in 2020 with room for maturing another 160 casks and space for visitors to live the 'whisky experience' with tasting straight from the cask

Lila with casks of La Alazana Whisky
Cask World's Highlights

Travelling to Argentina’s La Alazana Distillery deep in a valley dominated by the towering Andes to meet the Serenellis is another of my favourite whisky adventures. Nestor, Lila, and their son Tommy are a passionate entrepreneurial family following their dreams to create Argentina’s premium single malt and have successfully achieved world-class expressions. 

Both Lila and Tommy have completed a combined 8 years of distillation studies at Scotland’s Harriet-Watt University. Nestor has built a successful tool business with shops in the surrounding areas - using his keen eye, technical and construction experience to build the homemade still which tames down the sulphurs to make their light and fruity distillate.

Their barley is grown in the surrounding Patagonian fields; standing there with a bottle of their 10-year-old whisky in my hand knowing that a decade ago barley was harvested from right under our feet to produce that very bottle felt good. At that moment I could really appreciate the vision that they had at the beginning and the satisfaction they must feel now as they enjoy their finished expressions after so many years of immense hard work and overcoming obstacles. 

I was touched to meet another family on our planet dedicating their lives to the extraordinary world of craft and bespoke single malt production. And by their gracious hospitality and community spirit in a picture-perfect setting - enjoying amazing food like fresh Pacific salmon whilst exchanging whisky stories for hours by the fire light under the incredible stars. Such a very special place producing a very special whisky.

We are proud to have whisky maturing in Argentina and believe in the Serenelli family and the future of La Alazana’s brand, leading the way for Patagonia’s premium single malt. 

La Alazana at a glance

  • Distillery Name

    La Alazana

  • Founders (if appropriate)

    Nestor & Lila Serenelli 

  • Distillery Age

    Established 2011

  • Distillery Location

    Lago Puelo, Argentina

  • Head Distiller

    Lila Serenelli 

  • The Team

    Nestor Serenelli - Co-Owner
    Lila Tognetti Serenelli - Co-Owner & Head Distiller
    Plus their three sons; Tommy, Martin and Gonzalo

  • Facilities

    Special copper pot stills designed by the distillery and built locally, their own varieties of Barley, cooperage including growing their own wood to create their own casks, a cask warehouse (finished in 2020), bottling and even a smoke house and their own malting plant

  • Primary Whisky Types

    Classic: Matured in ex-bourbon and sherry casks

    Haidd Merlys: Peated (UK malt so far), matured in ex-bourbon casks

    They also have a Haidd Merlys Chardonnay Cask finish, an Organic Malt (matured in virgin oak) and a Cognac cask matured expression

  • Cask Types

    Virgin American Oak, Patagonian Oak Barrels, Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Sherry, Ex-Cognac & Ex-Wine casks

  • Cask Storage

    Purpose built cask warehouse (finished in 2020)

  • Av. Length of Maturation

    8-10 years

  • Angels' Share

    2 to 3%

  • Current Bottle Prices


  • Awards

    Spirit Selection Awards 2018 - Gold Medal for the Classic

    World Whiskies Awards 2016 - Best Argentinian Single Malt for the Classic

    Scottish Craft Distillers Association 2015 - Gold Award for the Classic

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