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Rugen Distillery

Ideas often come to Master Distiller Kurt Althaus at night - and using a combination of his creativity, trends he's observed (and even some trends he comes up with himself), he lets the delicate spirits he creates tell their own story.

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Nestled in the pure Alpine air of the Swiss mountains at Interlaken, Rugen Distillery makes full use of both its stunning surroundings and the expertise acquired over decades to produce its award winning range of single malt whiskies. Independent and family-owned for over 150 years, they treat their local roots, heritage and quality standards as the cornerstones of their DNA.

Known for their experimentation with wood, they have over 4,000 barrels laid up of different ages - most of which get released at cask strength, and keep nine casks in their ice cave for an annual special release. 

Believing in cultivating both tradition and trends to achieve excellence, they combine their conventional production methods with innovation, to produce the finest distillates and spirits which are then carefully distilled, stored and refined.

Rugen Distillery
Interesting Facts
  • The history behind Rugenbräu Brewery and the Rugen Distillery can be traced back as far as 1866 when a politician from Kiesen, built a brewery with distillery on the guesthouse meadow belonging to the Hotel Interlaken
  • The Rugen rock cellar was built in 1875 and is still in use today
  • Their brewhouse was built in 1895 and brandy production followed in 1999 paving the way for whisky making, with the first Swiss Mountain Single Malt launched in 2008
  • In 2010, the Rugen Distillery was constructed directly over the brewhouse - in a truly one-of-a-kind position  
  • Most of the whisky Rugen produce is matured in Olosoro sherry casks in the original deep, rock-hewn Rugen rock cellar, however some are even laid in casks on the eternal ice cave of the Jungfraujoch at almost 3,500m altitude
  • Their decades of beer-making expertise comes into its own when producing whiskies – and they actively work to combine craft, tradition and innovation in their expressions
  • Rugen’s carefully curated product range includes time-honoured classics, surprising specialities and everything in between
  • As well as creating excellent spirits, Rugen actively commit to looking after the environment, taking voluntary measures for climate protection and energy efficiency and recently obtaining an EnAW certificate
Stills inside the Rugen Distillery
Cask World's Highlights

Well, what can I say - cheese fondue, watches, chocolates and whisky - all produced in a class of their own in Switzerland. Especially the whisky.

The Rugen Distillery is in one of the most beautiful places of the world - surrounded by the Swiss Alps with its own ice cave in which it stores casks in to produce their Ice label editions. 

Although mainly focused on sherry casks from Spain, the forest behind the distillery is often harvested for a more traditional Swiss touch to combine with the Swiss alpine water and Swiss barley.

Now focusing more on single cask releases, when we took their whiskies to one of our Whisky Live shows in Thailand their sherry matured ‘Classic’ edition was a clear favourite. A whisky that stands out amongst the finest in the world.

Their CEO, Remo, is focused on sharing their whisky with the world. With new markets and territories for distribution in his sights and a clear strategy, this is a whisky the world is sure to know more about soon enough. I enjoy working with Remo - he is a no-nonsense, genuine, down-to-earth businessman.

Rugen Distillery at a glance

  • Distillery Name

    Rugen Distillery

  • Founders

    Christian Indermühle

  • Distillery Age

    Brewing beer since 1866, distillery established in 1999 and first single malt release 2008.

  • Distillery location

    Interlaken, Switzerland

  • Head Distiller

    Kurt Althaus

  • The Team

    Remo Kobluk - Managing Director
    Kurt Althaus – Head Distiller

  • Facilities

    A stunning purpose-built distillery with views of Interlaken, which sits over the top of the existing brewery and original rock cellar.

  • Primary Whisky Types

    Swiss Mountain Single Malt

  • Cask Types

    Burnt Swiss oak, balanced in ex-Olosoro sherry casks

  • Cask Storage

    Casks are stored in the Rugen Rock Cellar built in 1875 and for some expressions, in the eternal ice of the Jungfraujoch

  • Av. Length of Maturation

    7-11 years

  • Angels’ Share

    Less than 3%

  • Current Bottle Prices

    CHF 49-159 

  • Awards

    IWSC 2021 - Gold 95pts for Rugenbräu
    Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Master Distiller Edition 3 and Silver 91pts for Rugenbräu
    Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Ice Label and Rugenbräu
    Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Rock Label

    IWSC 2020 - Silver 93pts for Rugenbräu Swiss Mountain Rock Label 7 YO Single Malt Whisky and Silver 90pts for Rugenbräu Swiss Mountain Classic 7 YO Single Malt Whisky

    IWSC 2019 - Bronze for Rugenbräu Fleur De Bière Barrel Edition Spirit, Silver 91pts for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt Classic, and Bronze for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt Master Distiller II 

    IWSC 2018 - Silver Judges Score 86-89.9 OUTSTANDING and Silver Design & Media Award for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "Ice Label" Edition 2018, and Silver Judges Score 80-85.9 and Silver Design & Media Award for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "Classic"

    IWSC 2017 - Silver Judges Score 86-89.9 OUTSTANDING for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Jubiläums Whisky "150 Jahre", Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt "Classic" and Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt "Ice Label", and Silver Judges Score 80-85.9 for Rugenbräu AG Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "43" 

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