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Purchasing to Exit - An Overview

We're there for you every step of the way

Contact us and speak with one of our cask consultants

Choose casks from our global distilleries to add to your portfolio

Complete the paperwork and make payment

Receive your ownership certificates and members’ portal login details

Wait patiently while your cask matures - the longer you wait, the greater the returns should be

When the time is right, choose from our range of exit options

The Purchasing Process

Our purchasing process is designed to ensure you get the perfect casks for your needs. Whatever stage you are at, our team of specialists will be on hand to help.

Initial consultation

We’ll begin your journey with a discovery call to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

This includes your reason for purchase (e.g. investment, enjoyment, commercial use etc), how much you’d like to invest and how long for, any particular cask, flavour or location preferences and your probable exit strategy.

Matching your requirements to the ideal cask(s)

Next we take the results of your consultation and use our in depth knowledge of our global distillery partners to identify the casks that will best meet your needs before adding them to your portfolio.

We’ll discuss any fees, annual overheads, and answer any questions you have around cask management, insurance, re-gauging, samples and  shipping (where necessary).  We can also explain about bottling, exporting, and confirm details of our WOWGR. More details of these can also be found in our FAQ section

Finalising the purchase

Once we’ve found you the perfect match we’ll discuss any relevant fees (both for the purchase and during ownership), then we’ll send across the purchase paperwork.

The agreed price will include the spirit and the wooden cask within which it will be matured, as well as cask insurance and management. The specific type of cask used will be agreed in advance of filling and details of this will be added to your account.

Once you’ve received the details and checked the paperwork, simply complete any relevant sections and return it to us. Payment can be made via bank transfer. When the paperwork is completed and funds have been received your cask(s) will be filled and then stored in your name until the point you are ready to exit.

Ownership to Exit

Once you're a cask owner the journey is just beginning - find out more about how we'll manage your whisky and assist at the point of exit.

The journey doesn’t stop once you’ve become a cask owner

We’ll make sure your spirit is carefully monitored and managed while it breathes in the elements from its surroundings. We’ll keep a close eye on things until you’re ready to move to your chosen exit strategy, then take care of the process while keeping you informed every step of the way.


Once you’ve made a purchase, you can rest assured it will be securely stored and fully insured, either at the distillery or at our UK HMRC bonded facility.  While the spirit matures we will make sure it’s checked and re-gauged every few years to keep an eye on the volume and alcohol content, and make samples available if you’d like. We can also help arrange bottling if required.

Exit & Monetisation

Finally, when the time is right, our team are on hand to assist with your chosen exit options to realise either the monetisation of your investment or assist with bottling for personal enjoyment or commercial use.

There are many possible strategies available and we can provide guidance and assistance via both our extensive industry network and parent company (Rosewin Holdings PLC), whether you want us to look into distillery buy back, private sale, auction, brokerage, or even bottling for retail sale or pleasure.

Want to find out more?

Whether you’re an enthusiast, collector or investor looking to purchase a cask to create your own whisky, or a distillery owner interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship, we're here to help. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist and guide you through the process.

Why not contact us now and start your global cask whisky journey today?