St. Kilian Distillers Distillery and local scenery

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St. Kilian Distillers

Whisky made in Germany. From the ex-Icebuck barrel to the Japanese Mizunara Oak -  the joy of experimentation has been an integral part of the St. Kilian DNA from the very start of production

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St. Kilian Distillers is a German single malt whisky distillery based on the Scottish model, combining decades of whisky know how with German engineering.

With characteristic hand-made Scottish pot stills and a warehouse full of fragrant whisky barrels to put their own slant on their spirits, St Kilian pride themselves on both their premises and their creative, passionate and patient team.

Currently the largest distillery in Germany, they enjoy an idyllic position in Franconian Bavaria nestled in a valley surrounded by meadows and an abundance of fir trees. Their water comes directly from the pure local spring at Rüdenau while peat and barley malt is sourced from contacts willing to supply them due to their connection with Irish Whiskey legend David Hynes.

Dedicated to crafting excellent spirits they spent over 4 and half years experimenting to produce a spirit representative of the vision of the 3 distillery founders, they now continue their mission to produce the finest quality German whisky.

Andreas Thummler at St. Killian Distillers
Interesting Facts
  • St Kilian use the traditional art of whisky production followed in Scotland and Ireland to this day
  • Founder Andreas Thümmler, a successful technology investment banker and passionate whisky investor, started the distillery together with Irish whiskey legend David F. Hynes, and Master Distiller Mario Rudolf
  • Their copper stills were handmade by Forsyths, Scotland, who have been manufacturing them in the same method since 1890
  • They use more than 90 different types of barrel from all over the world to mature their whisky, allowing you to enjoy their pure fruity distillate
  • At St Kilian they traditionally burn their whisky twice in their copper pot stills, with the slim neck of the stills giving the whisky produced a particularly soft finish
  • The St. Kilian Whisky Distillery is blessed with its own source of spring water which according to local folklore even has special healing powers!
  • The distillery name -  "St. Kilian" is dedicated to an Irish monk and his brothers, who more than 1,000 years ago impressed the German people with the miraculous qualities of Aqua Vitae (the water of life)
  • St Kilian bottles are reminiscent of the two pot stills in which their whisky is distilled.
Inside St. Kilian Distillers
Cask World's Highlights

Andreas (Andi) Thümmler built Germany’s largest distillery sparing no expense, investing 15m Euros. The result? One of the most high tech, state of the art distilleries in the world. As well as two 6,000l stills it also provides vital employment opportunities and a popular tourist attraction.

Unlike most distilleries yet to produce a 10 year old St Kilian is well financed, able to focus on producing premium single malt whisky and fast track international distribution. Like mine, Andi’s plans are long term - he is already laying casks down with a 20 year plan and offers 100 casks for 1M euro including storage for 20 years for the sophisticated investor.

The driving force behind the brand, Andi understands the New World whisky boom more than most. At St. Kilian he houses an incredible Whisky Room with bottles collected around the world.

Situated in the countryside alongside the small town of Rudenau, the team experiment with different types of cask, presenting the whisky produced in an impressive unique still shaped bottle. Not far from the distillery is what’s known as Bunker City – former NATO bunkers St Kilian use to store some of their casks.

As an entrepreneur, I'd like to be around Andi much as possible.  He has an eye on the future and I enjoyed learning from him. One of my favourite of his ideas is his way to give back to the world we take from - for every cask he fills, he plants a seed in the forest. He’s already planted well over 1,000! An eco-friendly act of karma Cask World also plans to adopt thanks to Andi, and one I encourage others to contribute to in some way.

I could tell the team at St Kilian love what they do and feel proud to be a part of such a #whiskyforward enterprise. They buried several casks of whisky as a surprise for Andi’s birthday several years back (he was thrilled) and have even filled casks with Tobacco to add to the whisky’s flavour! Bonkers, well financed, well marketed – well worth investing in!

St. Kilian Distillers at a glance

  • Distillery Name

    St. Kilian Distillers GmbH

  • Founders

    Andreas Thümmler

  • Distillery Age

    Established 2016

  • Distillery Location

    Rüdenau, Bavaria, Germany

  • Head Distiller

    Zoltán Fódi

  • The Team

    Andreas Thümmler - Founder
    Mario Rudolf – Master Distiller
    Zoltán Fódi - Head Distiller
    & the distillery team

  • Facilities

    A former textile factory repurposed with two handmade copper Forsyths Pot Stills at its heart (each 6,000l), 3 Washbacks (each 10,800l) made from Oregon Pine and one Mashtun.

  • Primary Whisky Types

    Small batch single malt whiskies, each with an individual character

  • Cask Types

    30l casks including ex-Rioja, ex-Amarone, AWE, ex-Amontijado - both peated and unpeated

  • Cask Storage

    Casks are stored at both 'Bunker City' (old NATO bunkers from the Cold War period, mainly built in the late 50's and 70/80's in the forest behind outside the village) and at our Distillery

    The bunkers are over ground and covered with forest, which results in a special micro climate without temperature peaks.

  • Av. Length of Maturation

    3 years (in 30l casks the maturation process is 3.5x faster)

  • Angels’ Share

    Up to 4% per year

  • Current Bottle Prices

    €69.90 (0.5l)

  • Awards

    IWSC 2021 - Silver 94pts for St. Kilian Distillers Bud Spencer - The Legend - Rauchig and Bronze for St. Kilian Distillers Bud Spencer - The Legend and St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition Five

    World Spirits Competition San Francisco 2020 - Double Gold for the Signature Edition THREE and Gold for the Signature Edition ONE

    London Spirits Competition 2020 - Spirit Of The Year, Whisky Of The Year, Best In Show By Country, Best Spirit By Value and Best Spirit By Package for St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition FOUR

    Meiningers International Spirit Awards 2020 - Gold medal for the Signature Edition THREE and Signature Edition FOUR

    Berlin International Spirits Competition 2020 - Double Gold for St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition Three, Gold for St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition ONE, Silver for St. Kilian Distillers Signature Edition FOUR and Germany Distillery of the Year
    St Kilian Distillers

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