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7K Distillery

A proudly Tasmanian boutique distillery with a focus on crafting innovative spirits

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Whisky is where it all started for 7k. When founder Tyler first started dreaming of owning a distillery it was to produce top-notch Tasmanian Single Malt.

The distillery was originally built on the side of a hill on the outskirts of Hobart in up-cycled shipping containers housing the distillation system, Bond Store and Packaging area. The beautiful hand made still forming the centrepiece of the operation was designed and built by hand by Tyler and his friend Heath, close to the Brighton Property that housed the Distillery. These days they're located in Derwent Park to allow for further growth, their set up built with an ethos of environmental consciousness and waste minimisation in mind.

Proudly Tasmanian, 7K try to source as many of their ingredients and materials locally as possible. Wash is sourced from a reputable local brewery, and wanting to test out the effect their one of a kind still design has on the new make spirit, they set out to mature it in barrels from a variety of past fills, varying from fortified wines to Tasmanian pinots, bourbon and rum.

Five years on, the team have put a number of releases to market under the craftsmanship of head distiller Tom Rofe, all of which have flown off the shelves.

Tyler Clark, founder of 7K Distillery
Interesting Facts
  • Owner Tyler's interest in the latest innovations around recycling cargo containers was a major factor in the initial distillery’s unique design, a compact and sustainable model that proved its worth in the early years

  • The 7K still was built with Tylers process automation passion in mind, integrating the use of technology to automate certain features of the distilling process

  • Passionate about using his hands to build and create, Tyler is always making modifications, add-ons and new systems to build upon the new, bigger distillery’s advanced system

  • 7K is so named because all Tasmanian postcodes are 7,000 numbers, hence, 7K

  • Official whisky production began at 7K on founder Tylers 25th birthday, following his longstanding interest in whisky, and having acquired a collection of Australian whisky and spirits from all over the world

  • All production is managed onsite by their small but passionate team of people

  • 7K Single Malt Whisky is lighter in texture due to their one-of-a-kind tall pot still.  It's carefully decanted, tasted and given the perfect amount of dilution (if required) to ensure its exquisite flavour

The original 7K Distillery shipping containers
Cask World's Highlights

We had long heard rumours and whispers of a whisky industry thriving at the bottom of the world. Stories creeping out of Oceania circulated the globe about whisky being made in all sorts of situations, legally and under the table. Our curiosity was piqued. Encouraged by the Philips of My Whisky Journeys, we set out for Tasmania to visit the enigmatic Tyler Clark. Coming face to face with his DIY distillery, located at the back of his grandmother's house, we were left pondering the question, is this a Tasmanian Al Capone?

All of that changed upon meeting Tyler. He spoke confidently of his craft, proudly giving us a tour through the design of his distillery shipping container. Thanks to his engineering background, Tyler had ingeniously modified the containers to fit one of his stills and the other as a bond store housing 100L casks and dry goods.

Before long, we had an answer to our question. This was no bootlegger ducking and diving. Instead, we found a professional, fully-fledged whisky distilling operation. In short, we had uncovered a hidden gem.

While we were there, several groups of visitors arrived to find out what Tyler was up to - it appeared Cask World were not alone in our curiosity! Since our visit, Tyler has grown the brand and matured the whisky to create his excellent 7K single malt bottlings. Expanding into a full-scale unit in Hobart, the business is alive and well, and Tyler’s bond store is growing. Perfectly positioned in one of the fastest-growing whisky regions on the planet, Tasmania, the 7K brand continues to gain popularity and recognition.

It was a pleasure to meet Tyler at the genesis of his container distillery and a joy to watch him plant deep roots and expand 7K. At Cask World, we are excited to own maturing casks of their single malt - you can, too. Join us!

7K Distillery at a glance

  • Distillery Name

    7K Distillery

  • Founder

    Tyler Clark

  • Distillery Age

    Established Jan 2017

  • Distillery Location

    Derwent Park, Tasmania

  • Head Distiller

    Thomas Rofe

  • The Team

    Tyler Clark - Founder & CEO
    Thomas Rofe - Head Distiller
    Alexander Chaplin - Sales Manager
    Mike Sparsi - Sales & Advertising
    Alex Yang - Company Accountant
    Christian Barnes and Eve Bone - Bottlers and Market Masters

  • Facilities

    Hand built copper pot still & own racking warehouse - all their production is carried out on site

  • Primary Whisky Types

    Single malt whisky 

  • Cask Types

    Bourbon, Sherry, PX, Tasmanian Pinot

  • Cask Storage

    7K Distillery have their own racking warehouse

  • Av. Length of Maturation

    3-7 years +

  • Angels' Share


  • Current Bottle Prices

    $185-265 AUD

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