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Our exciting, mutually beneficial new world whisky cask opportunity - the alternative to Scotch whisky cask investment

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Providing access to the premium New World Whisky Cask market – the future of single malt -  we’re highly driven, love what we do, and aren't afraid to go against the grain

Leading the Field

When investing in whisky the traditional route is to head straight for Scotch, but with limited access to new-make spirit and demand at an all-time high, returns are becoming more and more limited. 

With this changing landscape the new world whisky market is booming, and our aim is to lead the field connecting whisky buyers, collectors, enthusiasts and investors with our exciting range of opportunities, and the global distilling adventure that comes with it. Not only are you getting casks, you also get the unique cultural experience that helped create it.

Our Journey to Delivering a Premium Product & Service

Established in 2020, Cask World is a division of UK-registered Rosewin Holdings PLC. The result of years of experience in alternative assets, research, and travel to all corners of the globe, Cask World are proud to partner solely with new world whisky producers, allowing exclusive access to limited volumes of highly desirable spirit from trailblazing brands. 

We only invest in single malt from distilleries that meet the Cask World standard. Through spending time on the ground at each and every site, we’ve seen the passion and craft instilled into these businesses and witnessed first-hand the exquisite ingredients, processes and techniques that make their product so special. We have personally vetted the production methods, safety, security and insurance of each of our distilleries, and are proud to be the first to offer whisky cask purchasing opportunities from around the world as an alternative to Scotch.


The Cask World Standard

When considering whether we would like to form a long-term partnership with a distillery, we need to decide if they have the attributes we are looking for. This can be defined in the following 'Triple P' of the Cask World Standard:


  • Who is behind the distillery?
  • Is it a family business?
  • Are they passionate about and focused on whisky production?
  • Are they from a farming background?
  • How are they connected/tied to the locality?
  • Have they built solid foundations for their business?
  • Do they have a ‘premium’ vision for the future?


  • Does the area boast the right natural resources for quality whisky?
  • Are local barley and water used in production?
  • Is there access to superlative raw materials?
  • Is the distillery moving towards a ‘farm to bottle’ or ‘closed-loop’ approach?
  • Are sustainable and organic practices being adopted or is there a plan to?
  • Is the local environment evidenced in their final product?


  • Clear craft and quality focus?
  • Does it respect the traditions of quality single malt whisky?
  • Does it demonstrate distinct local/regional characteristics?
  • Are existing expressions commanding a premium price point, thus making their new-make an attractive investment proposition?
  • Price point likely to increase as they release more mature, age-stated offerings?
  • Despite being relatively young, are they receiving international recognition and awards?

Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves on our transparent and accountable approach to all aspects of our business.

Our core ethos is to build lasting relationships with our colleagues, partner distilleries and clients as well as the wider community. This is embodied in our active support of some of what we feel are important charitable causes both globally and locally, including Shelterbox for whom Dan raised £5k cycling from England to Bulgaria.