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Casks - The Opportunity

The Ownership Opportunity

Whisky casks, with their impressive returns after maturation, are becoming popular not only as an investment but also for enthusiasts, events, pleasure and much more

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Why Purchase Casks?

Whilst maturing whisky casks have gained momentum as a high performing asset due to their impressive returns, investment is just one of the reasons many opt for cask ownership:

As an investment

To benefit from expected increase in value and diversify an existing investment portfolio, or simply as a tax-free savings account if you’re UK based

For special events & occasions

Buy for a child's birth, keep for a wedding or special event – we can help with any labelling and bottling requirements

To create your own whisky brand

For business use, at an industry event, for a restaurant, members club or as corporate gifts

To add to a collection

For those with a genuine love for whisky, or wanting to take their passion further adding something unusual to an existing whisky cask portfolio

As a cultural link

For those with local interest in our distilleries, previously unable to access these casks, or to support industry in the area

Early adoption

With the growing popularity of new world whisky, to be ahead of the game with what looks to be the future of premium single malt

Or purely for pleasure!

To enjoy over time or bottle and share with friends.

Your Cask, Your Choice

By purchasing a cask of new-make spirit, you get the option to tailor its development to your personal taste with an array of wood types, previous uses and sizes.

From a butt to a barrel, oak to chestnut, bourbon to sherry, the choice of cask is yours.

Whatever your plan for ownership, be it as a group, consortium or as an individual, our team of specialists and global contacts can help.