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Putting South African Whisky on our map

29th May 2023

Putting South African Whisky on our map

Located in the picturesque Vredefort Dome World Heritage area, (the world's largest meteor impact site) is Helden Distillery...

Meaning "heroes", Helden marries the best of the founders' heritage and their love of South Africa making them an exciting new Official Distillery Partner, bringing an innovative new take on whisky to our existing offering from across the globe as of today.

A brief introduction to Helden Distillery, South Africa

Focussing on artfully establishing new styles of whisky, Helden experiment with indigenous African Grains such as sorghum and millet, grain Teff and African rice, combining them with innovative production techniques. African wood flavours are introduced in the maturation process adding a new complexity by imparting toasted wood flavours usually associated with African "braai" fires before their cask mainstay - the wonderfully rich Camel Thorn tree - gives a deep warm flavour and red amber colour to the finished spirit. The resulting bespoke class of whiskies this passionate team produce are distinguished not just geographically but but also in flavour, showcasing what Africa has to offer the new world whisky arena.  

Images from Helden Distillery Tasmania
ESTABLISHED: 2018 (Licensed 2021)
FOUNDER: Pieter van Helden
DISTILLERY NAME: Helden Distillery
MATURATION:  3 - 5 years 
BOTTLE PRICES: R450 – R1 190 (ZAR)
CASK TYPES: 100 L French/American Hybrid casks, 100 L French Oak in combination with Camel Thorn Wood, South African Wine casks
FACILITIES: Brewery, hybrid pot still, cask warehouse and tasting venue in the Vredefort Dome UNESCO World Heritage Site

Want to know more? Full details about Helden Distillery are available here >

Want to register your interest in casks from Helden or find out about their fantastic range?  Drop us a line here or get in touch on +44 (0)203 813 4480.